**Now featuring 10ft probe extension and humidity/temp sensor**

Optimum Reptile Wireless Light Controller/Timer/Thermostat

and temperature monitoring

   Device features Include

-WiFi remote control and device state with live temperature checking

Turn on/off by tapping device icon, device state and real-time temperature values will simultaneously display on the interface.

In Auto mode, you can set a specified temperature range to turn on/off connected device. In Manual mode, you can tap on the device icon to turn on/off.

-Share Control

The owner can share the devices to other app accounts. Click Share, input the app account (phone number or email address) you want to share, click the timer permissions (edit/delete/change/enable) you want to give, then click Next. The other account will receive an invitation message. Click Accept, the device has shared successfully. The other user will have access to control the device.


Supports a maximum of 8 enabled single/repeat/countdown timing schedules each device. Preset timers can work even when the network is unavailable, but the device must keep power on.

-Security mechanism

One device one owner. Other people can not add the devices that have already been added. If you want to add your device to another account, don’t forget to delete it first.

- Auto mode and Manual mode

In Auto mode, the switch can not be turned ON/OFF by the button manually. In Manual mode, the switch can be turned ON/OFF at any time. The preset timers can work as usual in Auto mode.

-Use sensor to start and stop

APP will display temperature values and it can be set to Auto mode.


It will auto-remind you of new firmware or version. Please update as soon as you can so that you can use the latest features.

-Waterproof temperature probe.

   Wifi controller set up instructions

1. Download the “eWeLink” app.
2. create a new eWelink account.
3. Power up timer.
4. Press the white button for 7 seconds until the blue LED fast blinks repeatedly, it will only stay in pairing mode for  2 min
5. Click the “Add” icon on app.   
6. Select “compatible pairing mode (AP) at the bottom of the list”.
7. Exit the app and go to your wifi list then locate the WiFi network that begins with ITEAD.
8. Use default password 12345678 to access the network.
9. Return to eWeLink and hit next at the bottom of the list.
10. Add in your WiFi name and password and hit next.   
11. Wait for the devise to connect to your network.
12. Name your device.
13. Find your device and make sure you have connected successfully.

If you did not connect successfully try closing the app, unplug the devise and reset your smartphone

-Blue LED-                                                                       
Flashing quick= pairing mode                                         
Flashing slow= searching for network                           
on= connected to router

-Red LED-                                                                       
On- switched power on                                      
Off- switched power off

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