About us

OptimumReptile.com is a website dedicated to view available high end reptiles. I, Dustin Weinand (aka Dustinthelens) have been involved with reptiles since childhood. One of my fondest memories was catching fence lizards and reading books about reptiles.  I have always had a passion for learning and to be closely involved with all types of unique and exotic reptiles. To this day, I am still amazed to see such diversity between so many species across the continents. Their colors, patterns and textures are like no other creatures on this planet, and it is my belief that we are truly fortunate to be able to care for these amazing animals! 

We have been breeding high quality Bearded Dragons since early 2013. Our main focus is selecting only the highest quality traits from the best bloodlines available. We have successfully produced 3 generations from our original Translucent and Hypo genetics and the forth gen coming soon! We have added in new bloodlines to each generation in order to strengthen the health as well as amplify desired traits such as color, pattern and behavior to produce some truly unique bearded dragons.

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